Getting started

  • Add the sitemetrics application to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file (usually
  • Add {% load sitemetrics %} tag to the top of a template (usually base template, e.g. _base.html).
  • Use ./ migrate to install sitemetrics tables into your database.

Quick example

You have two options to add metrics counters code to your pages:

  1. Let’s add Google Analytics counter without Admin Contrib involvement add a four arguments sitemetrics tag into your template:

    {% sitemetrics by google for "UA-000000-0" %}

    Here: google is a metrics provider alias; UA-000000-0 - metrics counter keycode.

  2. Now let’s use no arguments sitemetrics tag notation to place metrics counter code associated through the Admin Contrib with the current site (if any):

    {% sitemetrics %}

You’re done.


Since v0.6.0 counter code in DEBUG mode is replaced with <!-- sitemetrics counter removed on DEBUG --> to keep stats clean. If you wish to see counter code in DEBUG set SITEMETRICS_ON_DEBUG to True in project settings file.